Your apartment is furnished with only the essential items required for each room. This allows the property to be advertised and rented as “fully furnished”.  With the fundamental items already in place, the tenant has an opportunity to add their own styling touches to the apartment.  



This package goes beyond the basics to provide your fully furnished apartment with additional items in the kitchen, living room and laundry. The apartment is easy to move into and start living which enhances the appeal of the property to a tenant.  



Transform an empty space into a home.  


Our exclusive Furniture Packages for Eq.Tower allow investors to offer a fully furnished property in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.  The Eq. Furniture Package is a full end-to-end service that makes the furnishing process simple, quick and cost effective for you. 

我们专为Eq. Tower打造的家具套件让投资者能够在墨尔本市中心为租户提供配备全套家具家电的公寓。家具套件服务是我们提供的一项完整的一条龙服务。它让购买和布置家具变得简单,快速并为您省时省钱。

Delivery and Installation.

服务: 运送和安装

All furniture and appliances are safely and securely delivered to the newly completed Eq.Tower apartments. Each item is unpacked and installed into place.  The apartment is then cleared and cleaned ready for a tenant. To minimise environmental impact, all packaging is removed and recycled - absolutely nothing is disposed into landfill.

所有的家具和电器都将安全地运送至新落成的Eq. Tower 公寓。我们会对每一件家具进行拆包并安装到位。在此之后,我们会对公寓进行整理和清洁,以供租客直接入住。为了减少对环境的影响,我们将拿走并回收所有的包装,绝不会把垃圾送往垃圾填埋中心处置。

Inventory List.

服务: 财产清单

The property managers are provided with all necessary paperwork that list the furniture and appliances inventory, manuals and warranty details.



Interior Design. 

服务: 室内设计

Our interior design team has carefully chosen co-ordinated furnishings that compliment the specific floor plans and finishes of the Eq.Tower apartments. With a modern palette of black, grey and white, the hardwearing furniture pieces and quality appliances create a stylish home that will appeal to even the most discerning tenant.  

我们的室内设计团队精心挑选了符合Eq. Tower公寓特定的平面设计和装修风格的家具。包括现在流行的黑,灰和白色,经久耐用的家具和高品质的电器创造出一个具有现代风格的时髦居所,即使是那些最挑剔的租客,也将会被它所吸引。